Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My Hoisting license expired 6 months ago. Can I still complete the Con Ed course and get it renewed?
Answer: Yes, the grace period allowed after your license has expired is one year. However, you cannot operate any equipment during that grace period. If an inspector were to show up while you were operating the equipment, both you and your employer could be fined.
Question: Do you offer any type of discounts or rebates if I purchase 2 or more courses?
Answer: Yes we do. To learn more about our discount pricing please email us
Question: After I receive my certificate, can I renew my hoisting license online?
Answer: Yes, please go to
Question: How often will I have to take a continuing education class for my MA Hoisting Machinery License, once I have completed my course?
Answer: You will be required to take Continuing Education whenever your Hoisting Machinery License is due for renewal.
Question: How long will my course be?
Answer: The courses are 2 and 4 hours long depending on what you hold for a license.
Question: Will there be any quizzes or testing?
Answer: No, you will not be required to take any quizzes or test during any of the Con. Ed, courses.
Question: How much will I pay for each course?
Answer: The price for the course is listed with other course information in the Course Catalog.
Question: What types of payment do you accept?
Answer:  We accept PayPal & Credit Cards.
Question: What if I need extra time to complete a given page?
Answer: Each section has a timer, you can stay on the page for as long as need. You can also go back to review pages you have completed.
Question: What should I do if I have some type of issue with the website while taking a course?
Answer: If you have any technical or other issues regarding the course website you can contact us by email or by calling 1-844-GO-4RPM-1
Question: Are your continuing education courses approved?
Answer: Yes, all of our courses have been approved by the MA Department of Public Safety.
Question: I hold a Hoisting Machinery License with multiple classes. Do I need to get continuing education for each of my classes?
Answer: Yes. The purpose of the continuing education requirement is to refresh the Licensee of the proper and safe operations of the machinery in use. Each class restriction makes reference to a different type of Hoisting Machinery and would require that the Licensee attain continuing education for that machinery.
Question: After I have taken the class, how do I get my certificate of completion?
Answer: Your certificate will be available to print as soon as the course is complete. If you do not own a printer, you may request to have the certificate mailed to you. This certificate must accompany your renewal form to serve as evidence you have completed the required hours.
Question: I have the certificate of completion; Now What?
Answer: Keep the certificate and return a copy with your renewal form.
Question: My license does not expire for a while. When should I begin the course?
Answer: The course may be completed at any time, even if your license is not set to expire for another year. However, you may not submit your certificate and renewal form until a maximum of 60 days before your license expires. The state will email/mail you a renewal form automatically. In the event you did not receive a renewal form within the 60 day window, you may request one from the state.
Question: What if I get halfway through a module, and I need to stop?
Answer: That is fine. The class will pick up right where you left off when you come back.
Question: Can one course be used to educate my entire staff?
Answer: No, each individual must purchase their own course ware. The course ware is visible on up to two devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and R.P.M. Training Services monitors IP address usage AT ALL TIMES to ensure that duly registered customers are viewing the courseware. If there is any indication of misuse, R.P.M. Training Services reserves the right to shut down the course.